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Bohol Earthquake relief donation sent!

Bohol Earthquake donation receiptI am humbled and overwhelmed by the generosity and response to my call for donations to Bohol Earthquake Relief a couple of weeks ago. I am very happy to announce that I just sent a donation of $900.00 to Gawad Kalinga USA for their relief operations benefiting their earthquake relief operations in Cebu and Bohol. Click on the image to view the donation receipt.

I cannot thoroughly express in words my gratitude and appreciation to everybody who sent in their donations and also to those who shared my fundraising efforts on their social media channels. I hope my recording of “Sakali” conveys this warmth in my heart and soul brought about by this tremendous act of kindness from all the donors. Mabuhay kayong lahat!

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New single download for Bohol Earthquake donations

The Philippine island province of Bohol suffered a massive 7.2 earthquake on October 15, 2013 leaving hundreds of people dead and hundreds more injured. Also destroyed were historical structures, churches that were built centuries ago while under the Spanish regime. Also affected was the nearby island of Cebu where more people were killed and injured as well as buildings and structures damaged or destroyed. As of this writing, the area is still experiencing strong aftershocks. News story

perf_church0191This saddens me because my own roots are from this beautiful island. My mother’s father was born there and went on to be among the first Filipino lawyers to have hailed from Bohol. I have personally visited and performed in some of the churches which were magnificent in their old age at the time and it breaks my heart to see that they are now reduced to rubble.

Cebu also holds a special place in my heart and is a frequent concert stop whenever I tour the Philippines. And the ties are clear since Cebu is the guitar capital of the Philippines and I concertize on a guitar built by Cebu Luthier Domingo Javier.

During my last trip to the Philippines I was able to visit Cebu and record a new piece entitled “Sakali” which I have since released on my YouTube channel. In light of this recent disaster I have decided to offer this recording in exchange for donations for disaster relief and help re-build those affected by the deadly earthquake. Please donate any amount you’re comfortable with using the PayPal button below and I will forward all the proceeds to Gawad Kalinga http://gk-usa.org, an established non-profit organization dedicated to helping and rebuilding communities in the Philippines. As soon as I receive your donation I will send a high quality MP3 of “Sakali” to the email address used in the PayPal donation.

Please help. Give a little bit and please share this post to all your connections. Thank you for your kind support.


**UPDATE 11/4/2013** I have wrapped up this fundraising effort and have sent $900.00 to Gawad Kalinga for their earthquake relief operations. Read about it here. If you still wish to make a donation, please send directly to Gawad Kalinga USA.

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