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Re-recording Rivermaya’s “Gravity”

Here’s a fun project I just finished. “Gravity” is from the 1st RiverMaya record which started out as a riff and a set of lyrics that I wrote and it ended up as one of 2 songs that was borne out of a group collaboration.

This video was shot with a GoPro as I recorded the parts. Here’s the list of gear used:

  • 2005 Gibson Les Paul Special double cutaway, stock, Curt Mangan Signature Strings
  • MIM Fender 60th Anniversary Telecaster, DiMarzio Area T pickups, Curt Mangan Signature Strings
  • Warwick Thumb Bolt 5 string bass
  • Avid Eleven Rack, Pro Tools, BFD2 drums, Presonus MP20 mic pre, Warm Audio WA76 compressor, ribbon mic


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Gibson Les Paul Doublecut P90 jam

Just installed a fresh set of my Curt Mangan signature strings on this 2005 Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut with stock P90 pickups. In this video I jam to a tune inside my head (haha) and explore the tones of a P90-equipped guitar, watch how I tailor my licks in reaction to the tones of the different pickup combinations.

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MovAll Hornet Overdrive Pedal Demo

MoVall Audio sent over a couple of pedals for me to check out. In this video, I play through the Hornet Overdrive.

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PDC-TV Gear Shootout: AMPTWEAKER Big Rock Pro VS. HotRod Marshall

Here’s a fun video shootout between an Amptweaker Big Rock Pro and a HotRod Marshall head. Let me know what you think of the shootout in the comments below!

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MoVall Centipede Analog Delay Pedal Demo

MoVall Audio sent over a couple of pedals for me to check out. In this video, I play through the Centipede Analog Delay.

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Skalang pang-gitara… or Guitar Scales for the uninitiated

Here are some outtakesĀ  from a session I filmed for a Filipino documentary about guitarists and their approach to scales. The audio is in Filipino and I added English subtitles for the non-Tagalog speaking folks out there.

The documentary was aimed for a non-guitar playing audience so I did my best to present the materials in the simplest and easiest way to understand as possible. Enjoy!

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New FingerTIPS episode: Diatonic Triads

In this episode of FingerTIPS, I discuss and demonstrate how I incorporate diatonic triads in my lead playing. It’s a lengthy video so grab your guitar, get in the woodshed and work out the things I talk about in this video.

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