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DiMarzio Illuminators Crunch demo on a 7-string Epiphone Flying V

Here’s a demo of the DiMarzio Illuminator 7 pickups installed on my 7-string Epiphone Flying V strung with Curt Mangan Fusion Matched Signature Strings. In this video, I play with crunch tone to showcase another aspect of these Illuminators. You’ll hear the amazing clarity of these pickups in both humbucker and coil split modes.

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Double Neck Loop Jam

Here’s a fun loop jam video featuring my Epiphone G-1275 double neck guitar with theĀ  Ditto X2 and MoVall pedals. The tremolo-picked lines are inspired by the rondalla, a Filipino ensemble of picked instruments. The 12- string neck works nicely for it. Enjoy, like and share!

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