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2014 Darren Hippner NEO KOA Classical Guitar Review/Demo

Don’t adjust your screens, that is actually a 6 string classical I’m playing! I’m playing a 2014 Darren Hippner┬áNEO KOA classical guitar. The 1st video is the in-depth demo/review, the 2nd video contains full performances of some of the music in the review video. Enjoy!


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“Chilean Dance” live video from The Frethouse

Played at The Frethouse in downtown Covina on May 17. It’s a really cool guitar store that’s been around for decades and they host concerts in their basement. While most of their acts are folk/bluegrass/fingerstyle/country, some top CG names like Scott Tennant, Andrew York and Evan Hirschelman have also played there.

Here’s a clip from the 2nd half of the concert. The piece is Andrew York’s “Chilean Dance”, which is off his “Into Dark” CD. It’s not well-known, in fact I don’t think Andy plays it in his concerts anymore. I found a few places in the music which would benefit from the 10-string’s extended range so I made the tweaks.


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A lament for the passing of Paco de Lucia (1947-2014)

It’s 3:10am and my mind is still reeling from the news of Paco de Lucia’s passing. Even though I am not a full-fledged flamenquista, Paco’s influence on me, and countless other guitarists, is undeniable. I feel like l have lost one of my teachers.

As I always do when I deal with grief and sadness, I take to my instrument and play whatever comes to mind. The improvisation below is not any particular Flamenco form nor is it a cover of Paco’s music, but rather a lament… a cry of anguish for this huge loss for the guitar and the entire musical world. Descanse en Paz, Maestro.

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Merry Christmas 2013!

It’s that time of year again and I’d like to share this arrangement I did of “The First Noel”. This was recorded several years back and I do plan to re-record it maybe even in a video performance but perhaps I’ll get to it next year.

In the meantime, feel free to share this post and spread some Christmas cheer!

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10-string article published in Acoustic Guitar Magazine

AG ArticleAcoustic Guitar Magazine approached me a while back to write an article to introduce the 10-string guitar to its readers. I titled it “When six is not enough” and included a sidebar about other multistrings.

The article is included in the November 2012 issue which just hit the newsstands so do go and check it out!

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