NGD: D’Angelico EXS-1DH archtop guitar


I recently got hired to play guitar for a Big Band version of the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra. Maestro Bob Schroder and FASO always have interesting projects and I’m glad when I get called to be part of them.

So I showed up at the first rehearsal with this:

While technically you can tweak the sound to approximate the appropriate guitar tone for this setting, something tells me that a reverse headstock pointy guitar just doesn’t look right in a tux-outfitted Big Band!

After doing my research I decided on a D’Angelico EXS-1DH archtop guitar. The clips I found of it sounded the best in comparison to other guitar in the same price range and it has that look that just exudes class and style!

DAngelico EXS-1DH It exceeds my expectations! It’s a handsome guitar with excellent workmanship and it plays really, really well! The tone is inspiring and exhibits that warm, dark archtop tone while having enough airiness and articulation around the sound to keep things from getting too muddy. I’m so far from being a Jazz guitarist but playing the vocabulary on this guitar just makes much more sense, so much so that the instrument invites me to delve more into that world.


I took it to the most recent rehearsal and this just looks and feels so much better!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and would like to check out this concert, click here for event details.

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