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Gig Report: First gig with the Marshall


Played a gig with Mystic Reign last night in Victorville, CA and used my recently acquired Friedman-modded Marshall head for the gig. My setup worked pretty well! More than enough volume on tap, and TONE for days! Nothing beats a 100w beast pushing enough air for you to feel the hairs on your forearms move!

I’ll need a proper effects loop to route my delay and reverb into as running them in front of the amp makes their levels unpredictable. Looks like the Bad Cat Unleash attenuator/boost is the answer, will report back when I get it.

This clip is a good demo of my use of the amp. My Explorer has a 6-way toggle switch which allows me to get single coil sounds as well as full humbuckers. You’ll also hear the RC Booster as an attenuator (reverse boost), the 95Q Wah and the Dunlop Hendrix Tribute Unvibe.

Click on the play button to listen.

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The ‘Bird jams “On the Way”

Here’s a quick one-take jam on Jack Thammarat’s tune “On the way”. As with most of my jams, I outlined the structure and played my own thing over it. I find this approach more fun than if I were to learn the original note for note.

I used my Gibson Firebird V plugged into a Digidesign Eleven Rack recorded via USB into Sony Vegas. The video was shot with a Samsung S3 phone and later synced with the recorded audio.  Enjoy!

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Perfecto De Castro’s “B-Tracks”

Perfecto De Castro releases “B-Tracks”, a collection of music that may be used as guitar backing tracks or as bike video soundtracks, available as a free download

Please consider making a donation to help me keep making these tracks available. Any amount is welcome!

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