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Perfecto to tour US/Canada with Arnel Pineda Nov-Dec 2017

Perfecto joins powerhouse Rock vocalist/Journey frontman Arnel Pineda for a 10 city tour across the US and Canada. Joining Perf in Arnel’s touring band are:

Butch Victoriano (Southborder)

Wendell Garcia (Triaxis, Barbie’s Cradle, Pupil)

Raffy Mendoza (RockStallion)

Don Morales (Glen Jacinto Band)

All accomplished musicians and handpicked for this tour.

Click on the poster to see the tour dates and cities. Venue details will be announced in the Events calendar.

Alongside this tour guitar clinics/workshops are also being arranged in Vancouver, Minnesota and Winnipeg. If you want to host a guitar clinic/event in one of the tour cities, please send Perfecto a message via the Contact page for more details.

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2017 Promo Video

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“Slither” live cover with John Borja

Filipino singer John Borja has been making waves with his presence in Los Angeles recently and I’m glad to be part of his exciting musical journey! I really hope the Stone Temple Pilots snatch him up, they really should!

Here’s an audience video of us playing Velvet Revolver’s “Slither”, the whole band RIPPED it up!

  • John Borja – vocals
  • Perf De Castro – guitar
  • Dodjie Garcia – guitar
  • Dennis Diaz – bass
  • Eddy Dagani – drums

I used my Chapman Guitars Ghostfret with DiMarzio Transition pickups and Curt Mangan signature strings running into my Victory Amps V30 head and cab. Never fails to deliver awesome tone! I lent Dodjie my Chapman ML-3 Traditional that also sounded great through the venue’s house amp.



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GUARDANT – New guitar instrumental single for 2016

Here’s a new single to start 2016! Now available on all digital music outlets including CDBaby, Spotify, Google Play, and Rhapsody

If you buy at CD Baby, I will personally send you the backing track via email.

Check it out, throw me a buck!

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Re-recording Rivermaya’s “Gravity”

Here’s a fun project I just finished. “Gravity” is from the 1st RiverMaya record which started out as a riff and a set of lyrics that I wrote and it ended up as one of 2 songs that was borne out of a group collaboration.

This video was shot with a GoPro as I recorded the parts. Here’s the list of gear used:

  • 2005 Gibson Les Paul Special double cutaway, stock, Curt Mangan Signature Strings
  • MIM Fender 60th Anniversary Telecaster, DiMarzio Area T pickups, Curt Mangan Signature Strings
  • Warwick Thumb Bolt 5 string bass
  • Avid Eleven Rack, Pro Tools, BFD2 drums, Presonus MP20 mic pre, Warm Audio WA76 compressor, ribbon mic


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Gibson Les Paul Doublecut P90 jam

Just installed a fresh set of my Curt Mangan signature strings on this 2005 Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut with stock P90 pickups. In this video I jam to a tune inside my head (haha) and explore the tones of a P90-equipped guitar, watch how I tailor my licks in reaction to the tones of the different pickup combinations.

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Happy Birthday, FrancisM!

Today, Oct. 4 2013, would’ve been Kiko’s 49th birthday and I’m pretty sure that if he was still with us he wouldn’t look a day over 24! I miss him and I try to re-connect with him through music every chance I get.

A lot of people have seen my FrancisM tribute on 10-string guitar but here’s a rare video where I actually sing the words. This was shot back in 2010 at a gig in West Covina, CA.

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