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Guitar Lessons!

VIDEO Lesson: The Minor 7th arpeggio

In this video, I outline my favorite shape for the Minor 7th arpeggio and discuss how I use it on my playing. It’s a lengthy, in-depth video so grab your guitar and spend some time with me.

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Skalang pang-gitara… or Guitar Scales for the uninitiated

Here are some outtakesĀ  from a session I filmed for a Filipino documentary about guitarists and their approach to scales. The audio is in Filipino and I added English subtitles for the non-Tagalog speaking folks out there.

The documentary was aimed for a non-guitar playing audience so I did my best to present the materials in the simplest and easiest way to understand as possible. Enjoy!

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New FingerTIPS episode: Diatonic Triads

In this episode of FingerTIPS, I discuss and demonstrate how I incorporate diatonic triads in my lead playing. It’s a lengthy video so grab your guitar, get in the woodshed and work out the things I talk about in this video.

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Video excerpts from my recent talk at Sta. Isabel College Manila, Philippines

I recently gave a short lecture/performance at the Sta. Isabel College Conservatory of Music in Manila, Philippines. The talks was entitled “Skills for the Modern Guitarist” where I discuss my personal experiences as a working musician in the modern world. I also gave advice, both musical and non-musical, to the audience so they have something to follow as they navigate through their own careers.

Unfortunately, my video camera didn’t capture the entire talk, so I will add video snippets to this post as I upload them. The first video, talks about building a strong musical foundation. Enjoy!

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FingerTIPS: Legato technique

In this episode of FingerTIPS, I discuss everything you need to know about achieving a strong and smooth legato technique.

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